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Parquet Floor Installation

Enhance Your London Home with Professional Expertise

Enhance Your London Home with Professional Expertise

Are you considering fitting parquet flooring in your London property? If so, it's vital to understand that laying parquet flooring requires substantial knowledge and experience. This isn't a task for amateurs; it's a job for professionals who understand the intricacies of patterns like herringbone and chevron. At Love Your Floor London, we are experts in parquet flooring installation and can provide all the information you need about the costs involved.

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Engineered parquet installation - herringbone pattern

Professional Parquet Installation Service

When it comes to parquet wood flooring installation in London and the surrounding areas, Luxury Wood Flooring is your top choice. With years of experience under our belts, our team of professional parquet floor fitters is at your service. Our unwavering commitment to quality and dedication to ensuring your complete satisfaction sets us apart. We offer a full-service guarantee on materials and craftsmanship, taking care of all necessary work, from base preparation to the finishing touches. Opting for professional parquet fitters ensures top-notch quality work for your floors.

Parquet Installation

Don't Compromise on Quality

It's crucial to remember that choosing non-professional flooring installers based solely on cost comparisons can lead to poor value for your money. Non-professional parquet flooring installers may cause various issues with your flooring, including potentially irreparable damage due to negligence. We strongly advise our customers to prioritise professional floor fitters because every aspect of your project is important, and quality should never be compromised. Hiring professionals not only speeds up the flooring process but also minimises hassle, providing a stress-free installation experience. Above all, it guarantees a perfect parquet flooring outcome.

Marble Floor

Our Comprehensive Parquet Flooring Installation Service

Our company offers a comprehensive parquet flooring installation service, covering every aspect of the process from start to finish


Sub-floor Preparation

As experienced flooring professionals, we understand that the foundation of good flooring work is proper subfloor preparation.


Parquet Flooring Supply

We provide various types of parquet flooring, including engineered parquet, solid parquet, mosaic parquet, and more. You can choose from various standard sizes or request bespoke options tailored to your space.


Expert Installation

Our professional and experienced team can lay parquet blocks in a variety of classic and contemporary patterns, including Herringbone, Chevron, Basket Weave, Old Dutch Pattern, Brick Pattern, Mansion Weave, Cube Pattern, and Hexagon Pattern, each requiring specific wood block shapes.


Sanding & Polishing

Our team of skilled floor sanding experts uses professional, dust-free equipment for parquet floor sanding and polishing, ensuring a flawless finish.


Finish Options

We offer various finish options, including colours and protection finishes such as hard wax oil-based or lacquer-based coatings. We provide heavy-duty, commercial-grade varnish for commercial and high-traffic areas for maximum protection. All our wood floor finishes comply with industry regulations and are environmentally friendly.


Final Touches

Our parquet floor installation service includes adding finishing touches like skirting or beading around the edges to cover expansion gaps. We can also fit matching accessories such as trims and thresholds where needed


Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our parquet floor installation service is fully guaranteed, covering both the flooring product and installation work. We are experts in our field, and we have the utmost confidence that our parquet flooring installations are built to last a lifetime.

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Let Us Be Your Partner in Creating a Floor You’ll Love for Years to Come.

Choose Love Your Floor London for professional parquet flooring installation in London and experience the beauty and durability of expertly installed parquet floors. Don't leave your flooring project to chance; entrust it to the professionals who love your floor as much as you do. Contact us today to discuss your parquet flooring needs and learn more about parquet floor installation costs.

Enhance your London Home with Parquet Flooring.

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