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Wood Floor Resotration

Restore the Elegance of your wooden Floor


Restoring the Elegance of your Wooden Floor

At Love Your Floor London, we take pride in offering top-tier wood floor restoration services in London. Our passion lies in reviving the timeless beauty of wooden floors, bringing them back to life through meticulous care and craftsmanship. With a wealth of experience and a keen eye for detail, we specialise in wood floor refinishing, wood floor restoration in London, wooden floor repair in London, and overall wooden floor restoration.

Marble Floor

Our Comprehensive Wood Floor Restoration Services

Oure wood floor restoration services encompass various crucial aspects, ensuring your floors regain their former glory

Wood floor repairs

Repairing Damaged Areas

We expertly address damaged floors, securing loose blocks or boards, refitting or replacing old boards or parquet blocks, and re-glueing as necessary.

Pine wood floor restoration

Wood Floor Sanding

We use professional wood sanding machines to prepare the floors for resealing, resulting in a smooth, clean, flat surface.

Victorian Pine Floor

Staining and Sealing

We offer the choice of staining the floor to alter its colour, followed by sealing it with the appropriate material, such as varnish, lacquer, natural wax, or oils.

Each method and product we employ has its own unique advantages, tailored to your specific needs. We invite you to reach out to us for a no-obligation assessment, during which we can walk you through the distinctive qualities of each option.

Marble Floor

Our Approach

Floor Sanding

We employ state-of-the-art floor sanding machines, including Bona, Lagler, and Festool, to ensure precise and efficient results. What's more, our machines are 98% dust-free, making the restoration process cleaner and more convenient for you. Our expertise extends to restoring all wooden floors, from original Victorian pine to contemporary engineered flooring.

For a truly personalised touch, we use only high-quality staining products. Our skilled technicians will provide you with samples applied to your freshly sanded floor. We offer a range of options, including alcohol and water-based stains from Morrells, as well as oil-based stains from Osmo, Bona, and Blanchon.

Gap Filling

Gap filling not only enhances the aesthetics of your floor but also serves as insulation, particularly for draughty spaces. We employ sawdust mixed with resin for smaller gaps and wooden slithers for gaps over 7mm, ensuring a uniform look.



Our products, such as Osmo, Bona, and Blanchon, are of the highest quality. They create a smooth, silky finish that enhances the natural beauty of your wood floors. Re-coating every 2-3 years will help protect and preserve your floor's allure without the need for sanding.



To safeguard your floor, we utilise professional, long-lasting lacquers and varnishes. Water-based options from Loba and Bona are quick-drying and easy to apply. To suit your aesthetic preferences, you can choose from various finishes, including Gloss, Satin, Matt, Ultra-Matt, or Natural.


Scandinavian Look Finishes

Achieving the modern, Scandinavian look is a popular choice. We offer several methods, such as using Morrell's white stain or white oils from Osmo, Blanchon, or Bona Craft. Bona Nordic Primer combined with clear lacquer is another option for this elegant style.



We can expertly repair any damaged wooden floor, including engineered floors. We source reclaimed wood from various yards in London, providing a wide selection of reclaimed wooden floors, such as Victorian or Georgian pine floorboards and pine or oak parquet blocks of varying sizes, colours, and ages.


Staircase Restoration

We can restore any staircase, from old Victorian pine staircases to modern hardwood ones. Restoring an old Victorian staircase may take longer, particularly if the steps have been painted numerous times over the years.

Light Wood

Other Services

  • We can remove and restitch your old fireplace hearth with reclaimed floorboards matching the existing floor.

  • We can remove your old carpet, tiles, or laminate flooring.

  • We can level your floor by adjusting the joists.

  • We can fix and replace the joints under the floor.

  • We can provide and install beading to hide the gap between the old skirting and the floor.

  • We can apply wood-worm killer treatment to your old floor boards.

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Contact Love Your Floor London today for professional wood floor restoration services that enhance the beauty and functionality of your space.

We prioritise providing friendly, pressure-free advice to help you achieve the desired results for your floors. Your journey toward revitalising your wooden floors starts here. Show your love to your floors with us.

Don't neglect your floors – reach out to us to love your floor once again!

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